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"I came that they might have life and have it in abundance."                                                                                   John 10:10   
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Last updated on: September 13, 2018
Welcome to our Catholic Community!
We are honored to serve you.
Mary Immaculate Parish & Stations
St. Anthony - Driggs - Rexburg - Island Park

Fee Schedule for 

Baptism: $50.00
3yr Old Presentation: $25.00
Private Special Mass: $150
Quinceaños: $300.00
Mass Intention: $10.00
Catechism Enrollment: $25.00

** If the Church Choir has been contracted, the $150.00 donation must made to the church before the service. the Church will have an envelope prepared for the choir which the priest will give to them.
ICA Goals / Metas para ICA 

Mary Immaculate / Maria Inmaculada 
currently at $8,587

St. Patrick's / San Patricio 
currently at $2,918

Good Shepherd / Buen Pastor 
currently at $5,060 Paid

To Mary Immaculate Parish & Stations:
Food for the Poor wishes to thank you for the welcome you extended Fr. Luis Runde on our recent visit to your Parish. On behalf of our brother and sisters throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, we thank you for your compassion and care. We are blessed by and grateful for your generosity. 

In Christ,
The Food For the Poor Family

Sept 30th: Mass will be combined for MI & St.P at Horsey Park in St. Anthony, ID commencing at 11am. This is to celebrate our newly ordained deacon, Alex. 
A reception will be held after Mass, we will also be hosting the Parish Raffle. 
Join Us in this celebration!

​Catechism Classes- First day is Sept 16th. Please check with your Catechism teacher for updates. 

For those of you who would like to write to our Beloved Deacon John, below you will see his contact info: 

E-Mail: john.mosier@mtangel.edu
Mailing Address: MT ANGEL SEMINARY

Knights of Columbus Meeting will be September 16 at St. Patrick’s at 1:15p.m.

Fr. Javier out of the Parish Sept 24-27th for a Priest Retreat in Boise​

Please Note the abbreviations above in the Calendar stand for each church in our Parish. 
MI = Mary Immaculate in St. Anthony, ID.
 GS = Good Shepherd in Driggs, ID. 
St.P= St.Patrick's in Rexburg, ID.
IP= Island Park in Island Park, ID. 

Any payment that is needed to be given for any Sacrament please pay at the office. 
This allows for us to keep better track of payments and allows you to obtain a receipt for your records
. We will also be giving a $15.00 charge for Sacramental Copies
, meaning if you lost/damaged a baptism/1st Communion/Confirmation or 
Marriage certificate and need a new one from the office you will incur this charge. Thank you!
Good Shepherd- Driggs, ID
Mary Immaculate- St. Anthony, ID
St. Patrick's- Rexburg, ID
Little Church in The Pines - Island Park, ID